Fixcomart as One of The Best MRO/Tools E-commerce in Indonesia

Fixcomart as One of The Best MRO/Tools E-commerce in Indonesia


Fixcomart - Welcome everyone, the purpose of this writing is to introduce our developing E-commerce, a specialist in the power and hand tools industry. 

A Brief History of Fixcomart



Along with high technology development in Indonesia and the switch of consumer’s purchasing behavior from the old method (traditional/physical store) into the modern method (online). Fixcomart realized that we have to adapt to the current situation in order to survive. Starting from 10 May 2016 Fixcomart has brought as a “baby” into this world. Born as a “baby” makes us struggle a lot to find our tuning on how to do a business in this modern industry. Crawling slowly but surely we managed to pass 2016 with huge potential growth in 2017. 



Given 1 year to tune our method, we finally did find our way on how to manage this business. We were finally able to take our “first-step” doubtlessly. Proven by our growth which increased 100% from 2016. 



In this particular year, Fixcomart was finally able to “run” swiftly. We stepped on our pedals and accelerated faster than ever. In return, we finally managed to increase our growth by more than 300% from 2016. This enormous growth was achieved by the increasing number of our newcomers in our B2B transactions. Therefore, with exponential growth, our business became a spotlight that attracts investors from joining our venture and interest to become a part of it, and this year we get an investment of more than US$ 1 million.



Our highest record in 2018 kept maintained in 2019 proven by follow-up growth of 50% from 2018. Our exponential growth apparently attracts one of the famous media publishers called ‘TechInAsia’. We got an invitation as one of the top 300 startup businesses from thousands of existing startup businesses in Indonesia and Asia. During the conference, Fixcomart was acknowledged as one of the best startups B2B business in Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) products specialty. We considered this event as our achievement and milestone where we received acknowledgment that we were proud of.  



While the pandemic sparked the fear of the global reaction, we received many challenges regarding our daily operations. However, it turned out amazingly, we managed to turn the challenge into our opportunity which still kept our business growth by 50% based on the prediction from the previous month. This was also supported by our type of business which is based via online. Therefore, there wasn't any direct impact on our business. In this particular year, Fixcomart started to spread its option by involving in the B2G field. Fixcomart started conducting a relationship with the Indonesian Government in that context.



Our prediction in 2021 is to keep developing and create innovation in our E-commerce industry, One of our biggest projections in 2021 to improving our website and investing our first mobile app in order to become one of the marketplaces in Indonesia specifically in the tools industry with innovative technology, considering the closest location of sellers to the buyers. 


I think that’s it for our brief introduction. We hope you guys can recognize our E-commerce Fixcomart and will not hesitate to conduct business with us. We promise to keep evolving and develop by increasing our standard to become the no.1 E-commerce in Indonesia and even in Asia.  


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